This is my second travel blog and I am very excited to share with you the memories and the scenic views from Malta. We were in Malta, the tiny island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. You are probably wondering why we visited Malta? Well, the reason is after Googling and further researching online, Malta seemed like the place to visit. The best part is? it is just at our doorstep. If you count three hours on a flight as your doorstep…. maybe not quite ‘door step-ish.’ It is a short flight compared to going elsewhere I would say.

Usually, when I travel I much prefer to move around like my trip to Croatia but obviously this time it was slightly different since we decided to stay in one place. We stayed in the north of Malta called Mellieha since it was a convenient location for us to get to in terms of the places we wanted to visit. A shuttle transfer was arranged in advance since we arrived quite late in the evening in Malta. The driver was speedy Gonzales, good thing my motion sickness didn’t kick in. We stayed at a hotel called Solana.

Day 1 Valletta (Sunday, 25th November 2018)

The bus stop we waited at was called Adenau, Mellieha and we took the 42 bus. From Mellieha to Valletta the bus journey took approximately 50 minutes. I particularly enjoyed the bus journey because it gave me an opportunity to site see for €1.50.

Upon arriving at Valletta, the bus dropped us close to Triton fountain. I have always found it ever so slightly awkward posing in public and this is a prime example.

Malta’s capital is small but very appealing. Most places you see in Valletta it’s filled with studding golden stone buildings, churches, narrow streets, and sparkling blue seas

The beautiful narrow streets filled with golden stones.

The Lascaris War Rooms looked brilliantly; it tells its own story from just looking at it from the outside.

Some interesting art structure we saw outside the Lascaris War Rooms.

This is by far one my favourite structure, I feel like Superwoman trying to hang from it.

When you’re in Malta, make sure you check out the views from the Barrakka Gardens. The reviews were beautiful from here. There are the Upper and Lower gardens, but both lie along the east side of the peninsula. Both of the gardens come with a breathtaking view of the harbour.

In 1661 as an exercise ground for the Knights of the langue of Italy, the Upper Barrakka Gardens originated. The arches can be seen surrounding the area and originally had a roof. Once the French invaded Malta became a public garden.

Day 2 Popeye Village (Monday, 26th November 2018)

I was recommended by a colleague to visit Popeye Village in fact. In truth, Popeye Village was built as a film set for the production of the 1980 live-action musical feature film Popeye, produced by Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions starring Robin Williams. Today it is open to the public as an open-air museum and sea-side resort.

We decided to walk from our hotel to Popeye Village because according to Google, It would be a 25 minute’s walk. During the walk, we came across scenic landscapes which Malta has to offer.

Finally, we reached our location and since we visited Popeye Village in the winter, it was fairly quiet. Just with our luck most of the activities were closed, but we did make the most of what we had.

We never expected it would be a cold breezy day, therefore don’t let the photos fool you! In spite of the cold, I never knew a mini tourist attraction could have views to admire.  

When there is great lighting, time for a selfie. Lately, I have been loving the bare minimal makeup look because it is quick and easy. Furthermore, here is a blog on my how I manage to make my eyelashes visible

Day 3 Aquarium and Mdina (Wednesday, 27th November 2018)

We didn’t exactly have a plan for this, we just ventured off. Well, I, of course, did some research the night before. Since Aaron has a love for fish life is that what you call it? Wait for no… marine? Oh, you know what I mean. I manage to find the national aquarium, it took us about 40 – 50 mins to reach it and we had to change bus once. Google maps were literally my best friend.  If you have a student card, make sure you bring it with you because you do get a discount.

It’s not a big aquarium therefore, it didn’t take us long to finish exploring. When I was on my way to Malta a lovely lady on the plane told me I should visit Mdina. Indeed, this is what we did, thank you lovely lady on the plane.

Mdina is a small Maltese town, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Mdina the previous capital of Malta, before the Order of St. John arrived in 1530 and changed the face of the island entirely. Unlike many other European cities with medieval town centres, Mdina is also largely free of traffic. This could be related to the time of the year we visited the town. It’s a wonderful feeling, being able to just stroll down the streets with no worries at all.

Furthermore, we noticed there were no honking, no petrol fumes, no giving priority to the motorised traffic, this is defiantly a place of peace. In the centre of the town, a cathedral lies.

Although it rained, the soft yellow colour of the sandstone walls with the closed shutters, perfectly reflect the images you have of the golden glow of Mediterranean cities. Even without the light of the afternoon sun, a warm glow and the deep shadows still exist, given the city an enchanted, mystical and everlasting atmosphere.

Meanwhile, we discovered many nods of Arab influence in the architecture, in some ways there were a mix of Baroque elements and a British feel – the curved lines, the heavy door knockers, different variety of shutters.

Approximately around 300 people live within the walls of Mdina today. We see less than a handful while strolling the quiet streets. The only people we saw was a fellow tourist. Although, Mdina is a quiet town we can’t deny it’s beauty, from the haunted feel of narrow laneways, cobblestone surfaces, and hidden courtyards got invigorated. Certainly, the surrounding buildings were beautifully detailed, the display of colours on doors and shutters, the curious mix of styles.

Later, in the evening I went on trip advisor to look for a restaurant for dinner. Immediately, one restaurant kept showing on my search with high recommendation called ‘Bouquet Garni.’

Bouquet Garni provides daily fresh seafood and steaks. In truth, it is not a place for pizza if this is what you are looking for. We had a couple walking into the restaurant looking for pizza and the host told them they do not have pizza on the menu. To the couple’s surprise, they left the restaurant with a particularly surprising look. Likewise, the host was pretty surprised that this had happened. For starter, we got the shark bites specifically. It was very tender and tasty.

For the main, I got the mix combo platter, likewise, it was very delicious. In detail, the combo platter had a mix of mussels, clams, and catch of the day you could choose from.

Finally, for dessert, I got my one and only, Crème Brulee. Indeed the quality of the food was top standard; you pay for what you get. It was a slightly pricey dinner, but absolutely worth it.

This is part 1 of our trip so far, my favourite part of our Maltese trip is yet to come. In the meantime, stay tune for our visit to Gozo and the Blue Lagoon. Of course, once again, thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Cindy xo

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