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I am extremely excited for this product review from a Korean brand called “Pony Effect.” If you have not heard of Pony before, she is a very talented makeup artist from Korea. You are able to see her makeup tutorials on Youtube. Since I live in London it was slightly difficult to get my hands on her product until I went to Hong Kong in May. I know you are able to purchase her makeup on Yesstyle but, make sure you look up delivery and import price. As you can imagine the excitement inside of me is beyond controllable when I finally got my hands on these.

The Pony Collection

Before I get right into this blog, I got to applaud Pony for the design and packaging of her products. It’s so beautiful. I’ve always loved rose gold/copper colour. The reflection of the caps and the colour scheme goes very well together. It gave me the luxury premium feel when I opened the packaging and was impressed most of the product came with a pump which, is preferred when it comes to hygiene.The Pony collection without box

The items which I’ve purchased are
|Pony Effect Ultimate Prep Primer in Hydrating
2| Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer
3| Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Shadow in Paparazzi
4| Pony Effect Contour Lip Colour in Entertainer

1| Pony Effect Ultimate Prep Primer in Hydrating
I really wanted a prep primer which has a high SPF because it’s summer and I wanted a product that was able to protect my skin from the UV. When I saw this protect I was thinking wow, is this product actually real? It’s a multi-purpose product serves as a moisturiser, sun cream and makeup primer with SPF50+ PA++++. Did Cindy just say ‘SPF50+ PA++++?’ Yes, indeed I did. Can you imagine how amazing this would be for the summer? After a month of wearing this, I am in love with it. My skin looks dewy and holds in 25-degree Celsius heat. London has been going through some crazy heatwaves and somehow my skin loves it.
Pony Effect Prep Primer

Application: After doing my face routine and after applying my moisturiser, I would apply the product on the palms of my hands and warm it up before applying it directly to my face. The applicator is a pump, I usually use 1 pump, but of course, everyone’s preference is different.
Prep Primer Pump

Texture: The texture feels similar to sun cream at first; this may be due to the high volume of SPF50+ PA++++. However, it blends very well and it is not sticky to the skin. It does have a slight floral scent, but I do like it. Once it’s blended, it creates a beautiful canvas for your make up.
Prep Primer Texture

2Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer
Oh my goodness, this is now one of my holy grail products. It is the most natural and gorgeous strobing luminizer, I’ve ever used. If you love the natural dewy glow especially, when the light hits your face, this would perfect product. You know when you first use or the first time you’ve taken the first bite of that delicious cake and you fall in love with it instantly? Yes, that’s how I exactly felt with this product, except of course I didn’t eat it. The packaging looks premium and expensive. This is my favourite product from her collection.Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer

Application: A little goes a long way with this, but I don’t do a little when it comes to strobing luminizers. I tend to use 1 pump or 3 baby pumps on the back of my hand, blending it out with the fingers method. I use this on top of my cheekbones, nose bridge, chin, cupid’s bow and brow bone.  The reason for this is the warmth of your finger melts the product into your skin giving it the natural glow. Same as the above product, the luminizer is also a pump applicator.Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer Pump

Texture: The texture of the product is fine, smooth and extremely easy to blend out. It’s sheer therefore, it gives you the natural glowy dewy look without it looking too shiny. This is important since I have combination skin.

Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer swatch

3Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Shadow in Paparazzi
I don’t usually use cream eyeshadows, I’ve always been using powder eyeshadow because of my oily eyelids. I’ve always loved the coral eyeshadow colours because with this colour, it brightens my dark eyes. When I saw the Pony Effect Paparazzi Unlimited Cream Shadow, it belonged in my collection. Paparazzi is a fiery orange-coral with pink shimmers. As its name suggests, it’s a long-lasting cream shadow with a silky soft formula. The product sit’s comfortably in a glass pot with a twisted lid.
3| Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Shadow in Paparazzi

Application: I apply this with a really small makeup brush, this way it allows me to reach into the corners of my eyes. I’ve used one layer of eyeshadow but it’s definitely buildable with full intensity. When I apply at least 3 layers it will look like the colour in the jar.Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Shadow in Paparazzi eye look

Texture: This is the ideal vibrant and eye-catching hue perfect for the early spring and summer months. Like I mentioned the colour is easy to blend out. Although, the formula blends out it applies unevenly and slightly patchily without the powder base. Therefore, I would highly recommend applying a nude/pink nude powder eyeshadow before applying this product.Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Shadow in Paparazzi swatch

4Pony Effect Contour Lip Colour in Entertainer
Korea is famous for its contoured lips, or gradient colour lips. I thought I’ll give this product a try. The Pony Effect Contoured Lip Duo is a dual-ended lip product that helps define and shape the lips. The more that you apply, the more intense the colour is. I love it the way it’s in a pencil design because it’s easier to align the lips. Entertainer Lip Pencil: Is a sweet coral colour with a light nude pinkish for defining the lips. Entertainer Lipstick: Has a bright coral color with rose undertones to fill in the lips. The lighter pencil and darker lipstick, this colour combo is perfect for a gradient or ombre effect look.Pony Effect Contour Lip Colour in Entertainer

Application: I would line my lips with the pencil and fill in with the creamy lipstick after and the consistency is not drying. Make sure you have no other products on your lips before applying this product. I would line my lips with the pencil and full in with the creamy lipstick after. It does not feel drying and has a satin finish.Pony Effect Contour Lip Colour in Entertainer

Texture: The long-lasting formula is moisturising yet non-sticky with an intense colour payoff.4| Pony Effect Contour Lip Colour in Entertainer swatch

Final thoughts
I would definitely be purchasing more of her collections. Pony has done such a brilliant job with her products and it did not disappoint. I highly recommend giving these a try, but my absolute favourite product is the Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer. If you had to try one product this would be the product. Overall, I’ve worn her products for two months and love it more and more each time I use it. You know me, I wouldn’t review products without using it for a period of time. I hope you enjoyed my first Korean beauty blog and once again thank you so much for stopping by. This is my final look using all the products above for you to see the overall look.

Cindy xo

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