New Hair Cut & Updated Hair Routine

I got my new hair cut and updated my hair routine for this summer. Let’s talk about the new haircut, it’s this time of year again (deep sigh). I took about 3 whole inches off. My hair looked like it was in decent condition, but trust me it honestly wasn’t. If I wash my hair and do not use a coconut oil as a pre-mask or use a hair mask after conditioning. My ends would be dry and lifeless. I loved the length, but it was time to say bye-bye. The last time I got a haircut was last March, I know shame on me. As much as I love having long hair. I miss having healthy, soft ends. Plus, I really didn’t like my long hair when it’s straight, because the end was very uneven and thinned out. I much prefer the straight clean cut which helps my ends looks even and ever so slightly thicker.

Currently, I am growing my natural colour out and it’ll most likely be easier to maintain. My hair is actually not jet black, I took it after my mom, she’s got dark brown, fine and straight hair. I love the dark brown, but not the fine straight, and thin part because I find it difficult for my hair to hold the volume. However, the silver lining is my hair is quite easy to maintain and style.

This WAS my current length; it didn’t grow much since this photo was taken. I personally love it when it’s curled, however, the curling really didn’t help them improve the dryness of my ends. When it was straight it was quite uneven. It was time to transform.

The below photo you can see my neat cut. I went to Rush in Surbiton to get my hair cut since they were doing a deal for new customers. Originally it would have cost me £49 but I had 50% so it came to £24.50 for a cut and blow dry. Irina did my hair and she did a fantastic job, the best haircut I’ve gotten and blow dry. She’s very bubbly as well, so we had lovely chats while she was doing my hair.

I discovered online a new all-time favourite of mine, which I am sure some of you must have heard about it. It’s no secret I’ve been using Coconut oil to pre-mask my hair. I would come home from work and use any coconut oil. This one I bought it from Tesco for £2, you can pick one up from your local supermarkets.

Make sure you warm the coconut oil with your fingers so it becomes slightly more liquid.

I only apply this on my ends because I don’t want my roots to get anymore greasy. Since I’m not doing anything at home in the evening, well watching Love Island or Netflix. Usually, I would condition my hair for 1-2 hours. The longer you leave the oil in it’s better for the hair.

I’ll do my normal routines such as shampoo, silver shampoo and conditioning, and hair mask. Towel drying would follow before I blow dry the top of my head, but leaving the ends to air dry. After this, I’ll apply some hair serum and products for my hair to absorb as it naturally dries. This method reduces the heat on my hair. If you would like to see how I grew my hair out and maintain my blonde, feel free to visit my long hair blog 

If you would like to see more hair blogs, please feel free to let me know and I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Cindy xo

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