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When my best friend came over for a visit not too long ago, she suggested for me to potentially do a blog on how I remove my makeup. I guess the products I use are different to what other lovelies would use. The products I use to remove my make-up is extremely affordable less than £5 and friendly to the skin. You’re probably wondering why? What products Cindy? I’ll be revealing my makeup removal routine and products just in a few. Of course, unless you’re getting impatient already, and decide to scroll down below to find out.

This makeup removal routine which I’ve been undertaking for over a decade now. I never suffered from ache however, I do have the occasional spots here and there due to stress and hormones. I love taking off my makeup this way, it’s quick, hydrating, leaves the skin smooth, and affordable. But most importantly, no makeup remains if you clean it thoroughly. My combination skin seems to really like this routine.Full Face Make Up

The products which I use
1| Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil 300ml @ £2.09

I love this baby oil because it helps lock in moisture when I take off my makeup and doesn’t dry out my skin. You can imagine this is made for baby use and babies have very delicate skin, which can lose moisture faster compared to adult skin. Generally, I would transfer the oil from the big bottle to a friendly travel size spray bottle. The baby oil itself is an affordable makeup remover, a 300ml will last me longer than half a year. 

2| Huggies Baby Wipes Natural Care Aloe Vera Singles 56 @ £1.00

My preference has always been baby wipes compared to make-up wipe removers because some makeup wipes burn. It really burns if you try to remove eye makeup off. I’ve had some horrific experience as you can tell. Even with some other brands of baby wipes, it causes my eyes to sting, but definitely not with Huggies Baby Wipes Natural Care Aloe Vera. £1 for 56 wipes the price is absolutely amazing compared to makeup wipes. I usually use 1 wipe but that depends on how much makeup product you use. The product details as described on the website (see link above). I love the way the wipes are hypoallergenic with no alcohol along with the baby, oil it works miracles. The Aloe Vera fragrance isn’t very strong, however, you can buy the Huggies Baby Wipes Natural Care without the Aloe Vera if you don’t like scented items.

How to use
Towards the end of the day, like any girl, I love taking my makeup off because it gets slightly oily around the T-zone area. You can see I am wearing a full face of my weekend makeup. The eye shadow, brows, foundation, concealer basically the whole shebang. I decided to put on a matte lipstick for you to see how well it comes off, combining the above products together.

Step 1| I would spray at least 3 pumps of the baby oil onto the baby wipe starting from the corner.

Step 2After, I would place the wipe on my closed eye, begin to slowly move around in a circular motion. Of course, once one eye is cleaned I move onto the other. I would repeat step 1 again in a different area of the wipe and clean the other eye.

Step 3| Once my eyes are cleaned, the next step is to repeat step 1. Using another clean part of the wipe, I would remove my brow liner and matte liquid lipstick.

Note: The trick is the more oil you apply on the wipe the easier the makeup comes off. Therefore, you will need to repeat step 1 constantly (DO NOT FORGET).

Step 4| The final result when all makeup is off (see photo below). My face feels extremely hydrated and ready for cleansing. For optimum result, I then cleanse my face, apply a toner, moisturiser serum, moisturiser, and apply some natural oil.

Final Thoughts
I love this method and does my skin justice. The best part is its super affordable makeup remover, less than £5 and does a spectacular job. I believe anything we use on the baby skin are better compared to using non-baby products. But of course it’s something I believe in and everyone has their opinion.

I hope you enjoy this beauty secret of mine. Once again, thank you so much for visiting. An apology is well needed. Sorry for not uploading as frequent as I would like lately. My life is currently like a trend graph, contently going up and down. The down isn’t a bad thing, but it’s taking a lot of my time and energy, which I don’t exactly have. I would love to do a personal blog update soon if things go well and as planned. I truly thank you all for taking your time off to read this blog or my other blogs too. It means the world to me because this is something I love doing.

Till next time,

Cindy xo

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