Ready for my first ever OOTD blog, I’ll be showing you pretty much what I wear on a daily bases. First question, are you the type that would choose comfort over anything else? Hands up, I’m in comfort nearly 99% of the time. The 1% is when I probably have to wear a dress to a wedding or a dress for work for a special occasion. The thing is although I prefer comfort my casual to go to is a pair of black skinny jeans and maybe a loose blouse, lastly a long jacket with a black bag. Since working my clothes choice has been quite the minimal, since working in an office environment. Simple can go a long way, especially your black, white and greys. I don’t usually have to wake up thinking what I’m going to wear for work and due to work attire, can’t go too wild with the colours. My brain doesn’t function this early for me to think. If you like minimalist style, feel free to check my bestie’s Instagram (simplelifeofav).

Here’s a little example of my OOTD (Outfit of The Day). I look so awkward in photos; I never know what to do with my hands, but hey I tried, I really, really tried. I’ve provided with details of the outfit below, some items which I’ve bought are from the last season’s collection, but the majority you may still find in store or order online. Let’s begin!

1| MANSUR GAVRIEL Mini leather bucket bag £395 Colour: Black & Red https://www.net-a-porter.com/gb/en/product/697175/Mansur_Gavriel/mini-leather-bucket-bag

Is it possible to adore a bag this much that you hardly use it? Well, it’s possible for me, I only really take this bag out for a spin when I am going on a day out. This bag was hyped by fashionistas from around the world and I’ve seen many posts on Instagram. I was drawn to this bag’s sophisticated and minimalistic design but wasn’t sure which colour or bag size would proportionately fit given my petite frame. I noticed most bags are showcased on Models that’s 5’10 and I worried the bag may dangle lower to my legs. After researching for some time, my final verdict was the Mini leather with black and red. If you know me quite well, I love the colour deep red. So of course, by default, I had to get the black and red colour bag. The mini is defiantly the best fit for my frame and enough space to fit everything I need. Keeping in mind, the leather is easily susceptible to scratches and cannot be easily open and close on demand. But Mansur Gavriel Bucket bag is definitely worth the purchase! This bag puts a modern revolution on a classic design and would make an excellent addition to your handbag collection and it goes well with any outfit.

2| River Island Black Molly Reform Jeggings £40.00 Size: 6 Short UK Colour: Black https://www.riverisland.com/p/black-molly-reform-jeggings-659661

Possibly the only pair of jeans in this world that works on my athletic legs. I use to play a lot of sports when I was younger, so I developed quite lean toned legs. Basically, I’ve got quads and strong craves therefore, finding the right pair of skinnies can be extremely challenging! Not to mention having short legs doesn’t help the equation neither. But hey challenge accepted. I have River Island to thank for this. Their skinnies, really help compliment my legs and doesn’t give me a camel toe neither (Hallelujah). I have 5 pair of this jean, not being excessive, but being realistic, in case they sold out in store, then I might internally cry a lot not just a little. Here is a photo of the front and back of the jeans.

3|Zara Ruffled Blouse With Bow £29.99 Size: XS Colour: Off-white https://www.zara.com/uk/en/ruffled-blouse-with-bow-p07563043.html?v1=5794528&v2=401028

When I saw this blouse in my local Zara, I knew I had to try it on. It’s the type of blouse you can get away with wearing in any season and match with colour trousers or skirts. The material is thin, but super comfy, I usually would tug it into my jeans or let it hang out. It all depends on the mood. The sleeves are probably my favourite part, it’s loose and the folds are pretty, but do keep in mind this piece has to be hung up or else it’s easily creased. The bow helps to make the blouse sophisticated. Can you see the snow in the background? Yes, I was freezing while taking this photo, but it’s worth it.

4|Urban Outfitters Acme Boots £98.99 Size: 4 Colour: Black

I bought this pair of black leather Chelsea boots from Urban Outfitters last October during the Black Friday sales. It was half price and on top of that, I had a student discount so all and all, it was a bargain. In total, I paid around £45 ish. I do apologise, I don’t have the link because this was last season’s product. They are the ideal height and perfectly pointed. If you would like a similar style to this, I would recommend having a look at ASOS.com. Yes, I had to roll my jeans up because they’re slightly longer.

5| Zara Long Black Coat £98.00 Size XS Colour: Black

Being petite, finding a long black coat can be challenging. If it’s too long, it’ll make me look extra petite however, this coat is a great length. I bought this when Zara had their final Christmas sale, so I manage to snatch it for £29.99, sorry I don’t have a link for this. The coat is a bargain, the quality is great and it keeps me warm. I use it as my work coat and also sometimes mine going coat cause I’m too lazy to change my coats around. Another reason for this is my coat pockets are always full of junk, lipsticks, lip balm, tissue and keys and more.
I hope you all enjoyed this blog. Maybe I’ll do a work OOTD soon. Once again thank you so much for stopping by. Please leave me a comment if you have any questions about this outfit.

Cindy xo

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