Over the past few years, lips had been quite the hot topic. Maybe it started with Kylie Jenner and her lips. I still remember when I was little, bigger or fuller lips wasn’t very favoured in my culture, smaller lips were preferred. For me, I’ve always had lips on the fuller side, I wouldn’t say they’re big but it’s full. I use to wish I had smaller lips, especially the bottom. Trust me when I was little I would have that awkward smile because I’m holding my bottom lips back. As time went by I’m actually thankful I’ve got these lips.

Most people would use a lip liner to align their lips before applying lipstick or vice versa. For myself, I would line my lips, but let’s be real, a good lip liner can be expensive these days. The use of lip liners does help with evening out my top lips to match my bottom lips. However, I don’t actually buy lip liners anymore because sometimes finding the relevant colour can be difficult.

Ever since I’ve started using the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Shade Cherry Me, for over the past 3 years, my lips are hydrate throughout the day and before I go to bed I would apply some Vaseline for hydration throughout the night. I would apply the Baby Lips quite frequently because it adds a slight hint of colour and hydration. I’m honored to say this is one of my holy grail products. You can get a good deal on this product in Superdrug or Boots when it’s on offer for when 3 for 2 in. I will do a complete review of this product in my future Holy Grail blog.

Here you can see I’ve only applied the Baby Lips and notice my bottom lips are bigger compared to my top. Although, the colour is a pinkish/coral red it’s sheer but gives a nice hint of natural colour.

I’m nearly finished one of my favourite MAC lipsticks, it feels like an achievement in itself finishing a whole lipstick. Does anyone else feel the same way or is it just me? There’s still a little bit of lipstick left but, it’s difficult to apply directly to the lips. I would use a lip brush and line my lips with it. Using this method, I feel my lips look more natural.

As for makeup enthusiast, I would never be able to let my favourite lipstick (MAC Mocha) run out, so I went out and bought a new one as you would’ve guessed. Many nude lipsticks drain out my appearance because of my skin tone. However, this one doesn’t, it’s a beautiful peachy yellow-brown in satin texture.

Instead of me purchasing multiple lip liners and leaving them in different places, this is the method I prefer to do.  I would apply the lipstick all around my lips and then outline the lips with the lip brush slowly adding product.

This is the result, both of my lips are even out and looks much fuller compared to the above photos with just the lip balm.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and thanks for stopping by. If you tried this method out and loved it, please let me know your thoughts. As always thank you for the support. Cindy xo

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