For me, one of the most difficult and challenging task is to keep my makeup fresh like it’s bought from the store. I usually do my make up on the train and each individual product gets comfy with others inside a small makeup bag (okay, maybe not a ‘small makeup bag’). As any proclaimed makeup freak, you yourself know how precious each individual product is. I’m not going to deny; I do have an expensive taste in certain makeup products which isn’t really great for my purse given my clumsiness.

No matter how expensive or precious each product may be, no eyeshadow palette, highlighter, blusher, powder compact is exempt from the dreaded smash or accident. When it happens to me, a very bad word starting with the letter F pops into my head.

There have been lots of videos online demonstrating the use of alcohol to help put the powder back to normal. My method which I prefer to use does not require any use of alcohol. I just don’t like the idea adding alcohol to my makeup. Let’s begin before I waffle to much…

Tools Required:
1.  Concealed plastic bag
2. Broken Compact
3. Tea spoon
4. Tissue

1| Well, this is heartbreaking just looking at this. This is my lovely BECCA highlighter and blush which I love dearly. It was in my makeup bag; I guess it didn’t get on with the other products so it decided to gain my attention by breaking into pieces. It actually just crumbled in my makeup bag, it was an upsetting time when I opened the compact and relished by beautiful product went to pieces. As you can see the blush is all good but the highlighter is shattered, my heart aches by looking at this.

2| I’ve poured the smashed highlighter into the plastic bag.

3| With the force of my fingers I’ve crushed up the highlighter. Why does that sound so painful to type and read?

4| Be careful when you pour the product back into the original container because I made a boo boo by pouring it too quickly and yeah it over spilled and I couldn’t get the product back *internal crying*.

5| I placed tissue over the highlighter and push it down with a spoon till it’s even. Make sure you press it tight down.

6| As you can tell I’m very pleased with the results and proud of myself. I hope this all works out for you and let me know the outcome on any of my social media platforms.

I hope this is of help to you of some sort and till next time.

Cindy xo

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